Mountains Animal Sanctuary

Mountains Animal Sanctuary is a rehabilitation and adoption centre for horses, ponies, and donkeys. Located in Milton of Ogil, it cares for over 120 animals, including retired race and cart horses, animals whose owners can no longer take care of them, as well as animals that have been abused in the past. There are many different volunteer opportunities available, both for students who have experience working with horses, and for those without. Experience is needed for hands on work such as the animals' daily care and grooming. However, for students with little equine experience, but who still want to get involved with the animals here, volunteers are also needed to be walkers and groomers for their Shetland Ponies. Other volunteering opportunities for those without prior experience include assisting in the visitor centre, giving guided tours of the sanctuary, and helping with maintenance work. Please note this project will have a slightly later starting date than others as there is still some organisation being done between the sanctuary and SVS.

This project is not currently open for applications, but there may be others that interest you.