The St Andrews Voluntary Service (SVS) tasks itself with assigning volunteers, mainly from the student body of the University of St Andrews, to local projects in and around St Andrews.


SVS began as a branch of the Christian Union that distributed volunteers to the local community to assist with tasks like gardening and shopping. In 1987, SVS separated from the Christian Union to become a recognised charity in Scotland and started to expand into other project areas. More recently, in 2006, SVS became a subcommittee of the St Andrews Students' Assocation.

The Committee

SVS couldn't function without the work of the committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every April. The roles involve a range of workloads and responsibilities. The current committee (2018-2019) is as follows:

Adam Lord
Convenor / SSC Volunteering Officer
Andrew Ma
Aggie Britton
Alex Ehrenberg
Publicity Officer
James Cockburn
Development Officer
Martha Gosling
Events Officer
Sihan Jian
Project Officer: Animals
Brynn Frew
Project Officer: Youth
Lisa Marie Husby
Project Officer: Befriending
Simone Richer
Project Officer: Adults with Additional Needs
Caroline Leitch
Project Officer: Elderly
Chloe Fielding
Project Officer: Youth with Additional Needs
Cara Nicholson
Project Officer: Environmental
Lauren Wood
Project Officer: Community


In its history SVS has won several awards, including:

  • Fife Organisation Open Category Award (2010)
  • Volunteer Centre Fife Certificate of Nomination (2009)
  • Scottish Power Community Partnership of the Year (1998)
  • Daily Record Youth in Action Award (1970)